Alerts page ( is an overview page of all the accounts alerts. It provides an list of active and paused alerts. In this page you can use the hamburger menu to create a new alert or reset all alerts.

Activity Alerts monitor sensor log activity and alerts on inactivity based on a predefined allowance (minutes). Threshold Alerts monitor the last sensor log measurement and alerts on threshold abnormalities.

It is also possible to manage (edit) Alerts by clicking on an alert.

Depending on which alert type you click, the options available are different. For example if you click on a threshold alert, you are able to define the minimum threshold and maximum threshold.

The minimum threshold defines the minimum amount the data may drop to before an alert is triggered.

The maximum threshold defines the maximum amount the data may rise to before an alert is triggered.

An example of a threshold alert on a sensor.

Alerts are validated every minute against the latest data in the system.

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