To create a new alert, you will need to choose an alert type, which sensor, allowance / thresholds, cooldown and contact information.

Alerts can be created through the Alerts page or individually on a sensor.

Alert type

Activity Alerts monitor sensor log activity and alerts on inactivity based on a predefined allowance (minutes).

Threshold Alerts monitor the last sensor log measurement and alerts on threshold abnormalities.


Select which sensor, is desired to monitor and trigger an alert. A list of eligable sensors will appear in the drop down menu. It is only possible to apply 1 alert of each type to the sensor.


Set allowance in minutes. This is how long ecosmart should wait before triggering an alert. An allow of 30 minutes will trigger when the last received sensor log is greater or equal to 30 minutes.


Set maximum and minimum thresholds.


Cool down period for notifications. A cool down of 60 minutes will mean there will be minimum 60 minutes before an alert can be triggered. This is to prevent spam of alerts.


Contact to which the notification should be sent if allowance/threshold is triggered. We currently support email and sms notifications.

After creating the alert, it will automatically appear on the Sensor page.

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